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Every morning brings new potential, and AROHA Luxury Rehab in Noida is the ideal wellness retreat. 

Every day is not about being perfect; it’s about the efforts you and your drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre make. Aroha takes pride in being the best rehabilitation centre in Noida that offers services beyond de-addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery. We make the journey comfortable, enjoyable, and luxurious for you! Aroha’s campus covers acreage and is located outside of the bustle of the city. With our broad variety of health and wellness solutions addressing dietary, hormonal, physical, and lifestyle issues, this wellness retreat has become an outstanding luxury rehab centre in Noida. 

Programs at Aroha Drug and Alcohol De-addiction Centre in Noida

Aroha de-addiction Centre in Noida provides comprehensive counselling and therapy programs that are tailored to your needs, as well as a luxuriously supportive atmosphere for recovery.


Our drug rehabilitation centre in Noida also offers education and relapse prevention programs, promoting long-term sobriety and helping you get your life back.

Aroha Drug and Alcohol De-addiction Centre in Noida: The Mission and Vision

Our vision

At Aroha Luxury Rehab in Noida, we want to redefine recovery by combining elegance and comfort, and we want to set a new standard in luxury rehabilitation that prioritizes our members’ physical and emotional well-being.

Our Mission

At Aroha, a luxury rehab centre in Noida, we want to provide a haven of pleasure and tranquility for all on the way to recovery. We are committed to changing people’s perceptions of rehabilitation by offering excellent services that nourish both the body and the soul.

Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida

Our Services at Aroha Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida

Aroha, the best rehabilitation centre in Noida offers three vital services:

Let’s see each in detail:

Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida
Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida

At Aroha alcohol de-addiction centre in Noida, we cleanse your body and boost your spirit with a revitalizing detoxification therapy. Our skilled staff provides a safe and reassuring route to recovery.

Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida

At Aroha, a luxury rehab centre in Noida we use a holistic and personalized approach to guide our customers to long-term recovery and emotional well-being. At Aroha, we offer the encouragement and care needed to get started on the path to a happier, healthier future.

Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida
Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida
Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida

This program provides a life-changing journey towards drug-free living. In the substance recovery program at the Aroha Rehabilitation Centre in Noida :

Why is Aroha Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida, Your Best Choice?

Aroha Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Noida is unique in many ways:

Aroha stands out as the best rehabilitation centre in Noida (also known as nasha mukti kendra in Noida) because we understand and support personal space. With luxurious rooms, privacy, nutritious and tasty food, a green campus, and 24-hour support/assistance, Aroha has set new standards in the field of luxurious de-addiction. 

Each member of Aroha is unique. Your needs, wants, and responses also vary. We understand that. We respect you as a separate personality. Aroha understands that each person’s road to recovery is different. Aroha’s personalized approach distinguishes it from a one-size-fits-all model. No two members are ever brought together for treatment, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Personalized and customized approaches help deal with your specific problem. Starting from medications and therapy to rehabilitative measures, Aroha approaches every patient right from scratch. 

The mind and body are connected. Aroha provides a thorough detoxification programme. This detox treatment is a unique offering in the field of addiction recovery because it not only purges the body of substances but also revives the spirit.

Aroha’s team of world-famous experts include doctors, therapists, nurses, and caregivers who devise a holistic treatment plan after consulting the patient. We follow a step-by-step approach that incorporates all aspects of therapy.

Aroha’s commitment to clients goes beyond their stay. The centre offers ongoing support and aftercare programmes to help people stay sober and successfully reintegrate back into society.

The Step-by-Step Transformational Journey to Rehabilitation

Let’s take a sneak peek inside Aroha’s luxury rehab in Noida:

Aroha’s concept of drug and alcohol addiction differs from what you think. We know that  conventional de-addiction program evokes a sense of fear in addicts:

Here is How Aroha Wellness Retreat Works

Participants receive therapy to address the underlying causes of their addiction while learning relapse prevention techniques and sustainable life-restoration techniques.

The foundation for a fulfilling, drug-free future is laid by committed professionals who work to promote healthier relationships and habits.

Aroha is an opulent rehab in Noida that serves as a place of rediscovery and a transformative journey away from familiar surroundings, people, and addiction struggles and towards a brighter future. 

Aroha Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Noida

We make the process of abstinence and rehabilitation opulent, evidence-based, and scientific. Please get in touch with us if you need help or have a query! 


Call us at +91 79774 13144 or make an appointment online. To contact our management and learn more about the admissions process, please visit:

Sirohi, Sohana Highway, Faridabad District, 121004; Phone: +91 79774 13144

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Frequently Asked Questions

A rehab centre, also known as a rehabilitation centre, is a specialized facility that offers programmes for mental health and addiction recovery. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and therapists closely monitor the centres.  They offer medical, psychological, and behavioral support to aid in recovery, independence regaining, and general quality of life improvement.

Do not worry about the time; it’s the quality that matters. The process of rehabilitation may take a few weeks, several months, or even many years. It depends on how complicated the addiction is and how the individual reacts. The outcomes of rehab are quicker when there is strict adherence to instructions, a well-tailored regimen, and motivation.

The cost of rehabilitation varies significantly in Noida, a vibrant suburb of Delhi, India. It depends on several variables, such as the type of rehabilitation necessary (substance abuse treatment or mental health rehabilitation), the length of the treatment, the facility’s location and amenities, and whether it is provided by a public or private institution. Costs can range from moderate to high, so do your research and gather precise pricing information from rehabilitation centres in Noida before making an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

Aroha rehab is a wellness retreat—that is what makes it unique. This renowned luxury rehab facility distinguishes itself by providing unrivaled comfort and opulence, revitalizing clients’ mental, physical, and spiritual elements through premium accommodations, holistic therapies, and an entire detoxification routine. Specialized mental health counseling, personalized substance recovery, and experienced competence ensure tailored treatment with the strictest anonymity. It is accepting individuality and offering post-rehab assistance that makes this a one-of-a-kind experience.

Aroha Rehab serves clients across multiple locations, including Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Lucknow and Ghaziabad. Our commitment to delivering quality rehabilitation services extends to individuals in these diverse regions.


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Aroha Rehabilitation Centre

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